Industrial Sewing Machine (Juki DDL-8700)

Before learning how to sew using the sewing machine, we should know the part of the sewing machine and its function. It could be slightly different in every sewing machine, depend on the brand and the type. 
Here is some important parts of industrial sewing machine and threading guide

1.Foot Pressure Adjuster The pressure adjustment sets that amount of pressure that the presser foot will exert on the fabric. Downward pressure on the presser foot, holds the fabric between the feed dog and sewing machine foot The amount of pressure would need to vary if you were switching between light weight sheer fabric and multiple layers of denim for the machine to feed the fabric evenly
2.Take Up Lever
The take up lever being all the way to the top should bring the sewing machine needle to it’s highest position.

3.Tension Disk
Tension disk control the amount of pressure applied to the thread for an even feed to the machine needle needle causing an evenly formed stitch.

Needle Bar
This is a steel rod to hold…

Travelling with Newborn

We were going to visit  Finland and spend christmas there. Niina was so excited as she had been waiting Christmas came and expecting to get her present from Santa and enjoying the white christmas with snow especially she was so excited to learn how to skate lately. But for me this was a bit nervous trip as Niilo's first time being on board in his nearly 3 months old and it would be a long trip. So our flight was night flight started from Hanoi - Hongkong - Helsinki - Oulu which was took 18 hours including transit (3 hours in Hongkong International airport and 2nd was 55 minutes in Helsinki airport)
I did search and browse about flying with baby, what to prepare etc. And here is our experience to share. Passport,
this document has been prepared earlier as we're staying abroad to make his visa when he just born and because he is Finnish citizen so he doesn't require to have visa to entry Finland. Make sure that you have visa if its required for the destination country.


Perpanjangan Paspor dan Affidavit anak

Akhirnya hari ini memperpanjang paspor Indonesia Niina dan memulai kembali pembuatan affidavit. Dikarenakan dulunya kurang paham dan sebenarnya ntahlah itu yg di stempel di paspor ternyata bukan affidavit, dan mungkin saja benar krn dulu pas pembuatan paspor Indonesia si Niina blm punya paspor Finland. Perpanjangan paspor dan pembuatan affidavit anak ini di KBRI HAnoi, jadi mungkin prosesnya akan berbeda ketika dilakukan di KBRI lain ataupun di kantor imigrasi di Indonesia.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology is one of the most interesting museum to visit in Hanoi and in Vietnam which is exhibit around 54 ethnic group who live in Vietnam and also show about Southeast Asia. It is located in Nguyen Van Huyen Road, Cau Giay Distric, Hanoi or about 8km from the Hanoi city centre. It’s easy to get there by public transport (bus) or take a taxi ride. The museum has opening hour from 08.30 – 17.30 and closed onMondays and during the Tet Holiday. The entrance fee for this museum is 40.000 vnd (about 2 USD).

This museum is divided into 3 sections, 2 indoors and 1 outdoor section. The main area indoor section is about ethnic groups in Vietnam. The 2nd indoor area is about Southeast Asia culture. And in the outdoor section, there is the open air-exhibition which is displayed some houses from different ethnic groups in Vietnam.In the left side of the main entrance, there is museum shop which offers a wide variety of craft items, souvenirs etc. Book store also could be found …